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Debt  Agreements


Our Affiliate, Australia Wide Administrators is a trusted and registered debt agreement administrator, the team at Debt Savvy can refer you to Australia Wide Adminstrators to facilitate debt agreements and ensure that you understand exactly what this will entail. Before we do however we also ensure that all other options are fully explored prior to presenting this option as it can have an effect on your ability to obtain credit in future.

We’d love to see how we can help you better manage your debt providing you with understanding and the best solution.

Informal Arrangements


If you require a shorter term arrangement, our experienced team can also assist with setting up an informal arrangement with your creditors giving you peace of mind and taking this burden off your hands.

How we can help you with an Informal Arrangement

The team here at Debt Savvy have years of experience in negotiating informal arrangements and can assist you by preparing a proposal to your creditors as well as liaising with your creditors on your behalf.

Budgeting Support and Assistance


A lot of the time we see people get into financial difficulty, it has been the result of not having a budget in place which results in credit card debt, unsecured debt, and then a situation where they find themselves requiring financial assistance.


When you spend more than you earn, an unexpected event can turn things upside down and that’s when things can start to spiral out of control. Sticking to a budget can help negate this.

How we can help you create your Budget

We’ve helped 100’s of Australians put together a realistic budget for their circumstances and would love to see how we could help you gain financial control.

Mortgage Refinancing


Mortgages are usually the largest of debts and if you are experiencing debt issues and require debt relief, refinancing your home loan may be the best solution for you.

The team at Debt Savvy have years of experience in mortgage refinancing and are here to see how we can help.

* in partnership with C Finance

Debt Consolidation


Debt consolidation is an option for those who are in debt and finding it hard to repay their monthly repayments.

Get in touch with the team here at Debt Savvy. We’ll take a holistic approach to your situation and find the best debt consolidation solution for you.

* in partnership with C Finance

Bankruptcy Assistance


While bankruptcy is a necessity for some situations, it is a last resort and will come with some not so pleasant consequences. At Debt Savvy we do recommend that you do speak to us before you declare bankruptcy as there are various options that may be suitable before you make a serious decision like this.

Before you decide on a course of action be sure to get in touch and talk with us here at Debt Savvy. We’ve had years of experience in this space and will ensure that you take the best course of action.


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Debt Savvy Pty Ltd ABN: 34 628 338 885, is an affiliate of Australia Wide Administrators Pty Ltd - RDAA#1658