• Debt Savvy


It’s a few weeks until the end of 2018. We all know how hard it can be to keep motivated to meet your New Year goals in the new year. Despite the hot summer days, those post-Christmas bills start to roll in.

So we’ve been thinking about ways to help keep your money on the right track, whether your financial goal is saving more or spending less – Here are our 5 top tips for you!

1. Pay with cash

We can all be guilty of spending ‘invisible money’, by using chip and pin or contactless for your daily payments.

If you take out some cash on a Monday morning, you’re more likely to keep tabs of what you’re spending because you can physically see how much you’ve got left.

2. Don’t carry your purse or wallet with you

One easy way to spend less money is to take the means of spending away. How often do you find yourself craving something sweet and before you know it you’ve spent a few dollars to get some chocolate or a sugary drink? It’s probably more often than you think!

It’s worth keeping an emergency fund in a bag or in your car, for example in case you need fuel or forgot to get something in for dinner. But we reckon that by not having money on you means you’re less like to make those impulse purchases. 3. Review your monthly outgoings

How long has it been since you looked at your direct debits and automatic payments, and reviewed if you still need them? If you signed up for a gym membership which you never use, why not cancel it and take up a free exercise, such as running or using the local park’s free gym equipment instead?

You might still be paying for a subscription service that you never use and have forgotten about.

4. Earn a little extra

Spend a weekend having a clear out of your clothes, books, DVDs, anything else you have stashed away and get selling! Decluttering and selling your items on eBay or on local Facebook groups can really help top up some of your savings.

5. Walk more!

We know this isn’t always possible, but by saving a few pounds a week on your fuel costs will soon add up! It also has health benefits, as walking at least 30 minutes per day can reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke by up to 27%.

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