Debt  Agreements

Debt  Agreements in Adelaide

Our Affiliate, Australia Wide Administrators is a trusted and registered debt agreement administrator, the team at Debt Savvy can refer you to Australia Wide Adminstrators to facilitate debt agreements and ensure that you understand exactly what this will entail. Before we do however we also ensure that all other options are fully explored prior to presenting this option as it can have an effect on your ability to obtain credit in future.

We’d love to see how we can help you better manage your debt providing you with understanding and the best solution.

Phase One

Once we've agreed to work together onboarding officially begins. Once your contract and retainer are received, we'll get you started on your design homework.

Phase Two

Once the homework is complete, we move on to the discovery phase. This is your first official meeting as a JMH Studio client. We'll gather photos, measurements, meet with any trade vendors to get bids for painting, wallpaper, window treatments, and any other items if necessary. We'll also review the homework and go over the project timeline and budget

Phase Three

After the discovery phase and we've gathered all needed information, we move onto planning. This is where we work on design and sourcing. We'll pull together color palettes, overall design direction, and review your homework. In this part of the process, we work on sourcing furniture, paint colors, and decorative items for your home. We also gather samples and create floor plans/furniture spacing plan to craft a detailed design presentation to show the overall view of the project.

Phase Four

Here's where you see the design vision all put together. With our first design meeting, you'll view the entire presentation of ideas, review the concepts, samples, and narrow down selects. We will make any notes as needed of changes and requested revisions. Within 24 hours of our meeting, you'll get a generated proposal for all materials and furnishings with pricing where you can accept or decline items. While we wait for any furnishing, we work on any trade work needed such as painting, wallpaper, or construction.

Phase Five

Now here's the fun part, Install day! Our team will coordinate an install date and on the day of, we will send you out of the house for the day while our team delivers and sets up all furnishing and decor. After this, we welcome you home in your new space!