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While bankruptcy is a necessity for some situations, it is a last resort and will come with some not so pleasant consequences. At Debt Savvy we do recommend that you do speak to us before you declare bankruptcy as there are various options that may be suitable before you make a serious decision like this.

is this retreat co-ed?

YES! we welcome friend groups, couples and solo travelers equally. we're ensuring everyone has super high vibes and is on the same positive wavelength so no worries about any awkwardness. we're also hosting a meet & greet for the attendees ahead of the retreat to build a sense of community well before we're on the beach together.

are flights included in the price?

flights are one of the only things NOT included! each person is responsible for booking their flights individually. please book your flight to arrive on may 20th and depart on may 26th since you'll have lodging at a beachfront villa from thursday 5/20 'til check-out on wednesday 5/26. view of beach from villa with straw umbrella and palm trees

what's the lodging situation? are we staying at a hotel or villa?

we're sharing a beachfront villa with a pool and daily maid service in a private & peaceful bay with 12-14 like-hearted humans! rooms will be shared between 2-4 people and of course if you're joining with a friend or partner you'll have priority to a room for the two of you sharing a king size bed. we'll do our very best to accommadate all of our guests so everyone's happy! large bed in villa room with ocean view and palm trees

what is the real-estate event on day four?

tulúm is the fastest growing town in latin america! if you've been looking for opportunities to invest in real estate, generate cash-flow, or buy a vacation home in paradise, this'll be an exciting day. we'll learn about up & coming developments, key areas to invest in tulúm, pricing, roi (return on investment), the process of investing as a foreigner and much more directly from local experts (real estate attorney)! other discussions about money magnetism & manifestation will happen throughout the retreat as well as actual visits to amazing developments but are subject to change.

where will the healing ceremonies take place?

most life coach-guided ceremonies will take place at the beachfront villa, at the beach and IN the ocean. we're planning to be outside in the gorgeous weather as much as possible and connecting with mother nature to aid us in the transformation process. the temazcal ceremony will be off location in tulúm.

will there be retreats like this one in the future?

YES! to be informed of any upcoming retreats, please send us an email and follow us on IG for more details @theveroestrada and @itsmaribel or @hoyandtomorrow as we'll be sharing updates in our stories often!

is traveling to tulúm, méxico safe?

yes, safety was definitely a top consideration for veronica and maribel when choosing the retreat location. both maribel and veronica traveled to tulúm with female friends, in a relationship, and as solo travelers and always experienced safety and felt welcome by the local community. furthermore, both vero and maribel lived in tulúm for extended periods of time and always felt safe which was also part of the reason they chose tulúm as their first international retreat location. we already know that it's important for us to be mindful of our surroundings and exercise caution whenever we're traveling to any new places so yeah, the same applies here!

what's included? what's not included?

SO MUCH IS INCLUDED: - private shuttle from cancun airport to Tulum (two time options available on May 20th) - lodging for six nights from 5/20 to 5/26 (shared villa, 2-4 people per room) - three meals a day (with the exception of day five where you are free to explore) - transportation for group activities (with the exception of day five where you are free to explore) - activities, ceremonies, presentations and tours (except for day five where you get to be free to explore) - private shuttle from tulum to cancun airport (two time options available on May 26th) NOT included: - flights - day 5 expenses - service tips (bring pesos) - alcohol (tequila tasting included) white beachfront villa with palm trees

still have a question?

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